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Hogwarts tops fictional school league table

Post: Kevin Dunne | 08/08/2011 15:06:17

With the Deathly Hallows Part Two still attracting record cinema viewers, Potter-mania shows no signs of abating. In a league table of fictional schools released today by Home Learning College, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft trounced the competition to take first place, as St Trinian’s trailed into second.

The league table was compiled by research among British adults, who were asked which fictional school they would have most liked to attend. Over a third expressed a desire to study magic at Hogwarts – a preference shared by men and women.

In second spot – although significantly behind the leader - was St Trinian’s with 13 per cent of the vote, as significant male support pushed the girl’s boarding school above rivals.

Rydell High made it to third place, revealing the enduring popularity of the film Grease more than 30 years after hitting the big screen. Attracting 9 per cent of the overall vote, the home of the T Birds and Pink Ladies was actually second choice among female respondents.

Notorious comprehensive, Grange Hill – one of the longest running programmes on British TV - shared fourth place with Xavier School for the Gifted, training base of the X-men.  The latter proved particularly popular with men, although not a desirable as the notorious St Trinian’s.

Languishing at the bottom of the table was Malory Towers, with 10 per cent of women but just 2 per cent of men expressing an interest in the Cornish girl’s boarding school created by Enid Blyton.

“With the school summer holidays in full swing, and many young people reaching the end of full time education, we were keen to investigate which fictional schools have fired public imagination over the years,” says Dave Snow, Academic Director at Home Learning College. “Our research reveals a real spectrum of nostalgia, from the fantastical delights of Hogwarts or X-men to the gritty realism of Grange Hill.

“Irrespective of choice, the survey shows that most of us would like the opportunity to experience certain elements of our school years again, even if just to attend midnight parties or develop magical powers! While the latter may be out of our control, the reality is that it’s never too late to invest in personal development and learn new skills. In fact, gaining recognised professional qualification in adult life is one of the most effective ways of stimulating professional success.”

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