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We Are Squared: Google Digital Marketing Course Launching Online

Post: Elizabeth Edwards | 25/02/2013 09:28:03

London, 25th February – Today Google announced a partnership with e-learning experts Home Learning College to launch an online version of Squared, an initiative created to educate digital marketers.

The course aims to satisfy the increasing need for education in the growing online marketing industry, in which spend for 2013 is projected to grow over 15%. Endorsed by the IPA and created by Google in collaboration with the wider marketing community, the course is designed to equip the leaders of the future with the tools and mindset to embrace emerging opportunities in digital marketing.

Dan Cobley, MD at Google UK said: “Squared is very collaborative and interactive - it’s a network, not just an education programme. For the online version we wanted to reflect this forward looking culture in the learning experience, so I’m pleased to announce our partnership with Home Learning College, the UK’s largest online business college. We’re excited to offer the Squared experience to more future leaders than ever before.”

Taught over six months, with interactive classes, guest speakers, debates, projects and case studies, participants are set to graduate with a unique expertise in digital marketing as required by agencies, advertisers, and entrepreneurs.

Michael Curry, co-founder of Floream, the parent company of Home Learning College, said: “The team at Google have created an exceptional qualification that is attracting and training some of the most interesting and dynamic young people in the industry. These are the real digital marketing leaders of tomorrow. While advertisers in the UK continue to grow their online activity, there is a recognised shortage of genuine digital marketing talent, so the demand for a course like this is huge. We’re moving as fast as we can to get the new version live.”

To find out more or register interest, join the squared movement at www.WeAreSquared.com

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