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Getting exam pass rates of over 95% takes teamwork

The path to great exam results is not easy – it takes a lot of hard work on your part but we can help at every stage. These recent results tell their own story but read on to find out how our students got there.

Home Learning College recent exam results:

CIPD pass rates of up to 96%

ACCA pass rates of up to 95%



So how do they do it?

  1. Great preparation: Our tutors have years of experience in helping students get through their exams. This includes setting you sample questions so you’re well rehearsed for success.

  2. Organisation and focus: When preparing for an exam you should be focused on learning and revision rather than finding a venue or making sure your booking is correct. That’s why we advise you on how to book your exams so the experience is as easy as possible.

Professional memberships and exams

Home Learning College’s Student Services team will advise you on how to apply for professional membership of your awarding body, and register for your final exams. Your tutor will also advise you on whether you're ready to take your exams or if you should defer to the next sitting in order to maximise your chances of passing.

Any more questions?

Simply give us a call and one of our expert advisors will be able to help.

Alternatively, below you can find information on some of the top requested exam centres across the UK. Home Learning College host our online learning course exams across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to suit the needs of our distance learning students.  

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