Bookkeeping Course Reviews

These Bookkeeping Course reviews are sourced from, and Home Learning College student submissions.

Fitting studies around children

I decided to study an ICB course that would allow me to gain the right qualifications to become a self-employed bookkeeper and stay at home and look after my child. I have been very happy with all the help and support I have received from Home Learning College. The encouragement to press on and achieve the best that I can always came through in the feedback I received from my tutors.

- Rachelle Hocking

Enhancing knowledge and support from tutors

I took over the accounts for my Dad’s business and needed more professional knowledge of bookkeeping and working with Sage. My course helped me to enhance my understanding of bookkeeping processes and to spot errors in my previous work.The tutors were very patient with me and helped me to understand any elements of the course I didn’t understand.

 - Sharon Joynes

Second to none on quality

Before deciding on which course to take, consider how much time you will be prepared to give to your studies. It is important to allow enough time to cook, clean, look after your family and then study. The support from your family is equally important - study when they do their homework and share the dining room table!! Home Learning college tutors are there to help so make use of them. They are all very helpful.

- Mrs P J Moore

Supplementing a degree for accounting career

After finishing my BSC in Accounting and Finance I found it very difficult to get any accountancy jobs, as most job vacancies required a candidate to know how to use 'Sage' to do their accounts. This course was straightforward to learn and the textbooks are very user friendly. I got lots of helps from my tutors and their responses to my queries were very helpful. I am now working in accounting and I feel this course helped me get my job.

 - Yanli Liao

Review for Sage Computerised Bookkeeping Course

Found home learning college ideal for me, i chose the bookkeeping couse which i realy enjoyed, i have only ever done courses at college so this was new to me, but found it ideal because you can study when best suits you, and go at your own pace, any questions you have are answered very quickly from tutors, course books are laid out so you learn a bit at a time and fully understand the subject, wich makes it very easy to understand and learn even if you have no prior knowledge of the subject. The part I particularly found very usefull was the online classes where you can ask questions and hear the subject being explained and take part in lessons. it is a worthwhile investment if you are planning on learning something new or changing careers, overall I would recommend the home learning college.

 - Angela Parsonage

Review for Bookkeeping Course- ICB Level 2

I have taken two bookkeeping courses with home learning college. I now have started my own business as a self employed bookkeeper thanks to the college. All the tutors that I had contact with through telephone or email were brilliant. They are very helpful and explained couse material well. I completed my courses in under six months which is great .. It obviously depends on the amount of time you spend studying. I now have.. AICB CB. Cert after my name and my new qualifications have started a whole new working life for me. I would recommend the college to anyone of any age, as I am 50 and the college have helped me change my life for the better.

 - Lynn Francis

Review for Bookkeeping Course - Sage Computerised

I completed a course on Book-keeping and Instant Sage. I really enjoyed my course and with having 2 small children and one the way at home it was so much easier to do it at home in my own time at my own pace. The course books were very clear and there was always a tutor on hand to help with any queries. I liked the way everything is sent to you at the beginning of the course so that once you have completed an assignment and submitted it you can look to see whats next while waiting for your assignment to come back. The assignments are marked very quickly so that you're not waiting for to long before you can start the next part. The`course was explained very well to me before I purchased anything so I felt very comfortable paying for the course andI had no unexpected surprises afterwards. I have recommended this course to other people and will continue to do so in the future.

- Theresa Arnold

Review for Bookkeeping Course - Sage Computerised

found the Home learning college helpful. The staff are easily available for contact without harassing you. This helps with the feeling that you are progressing at your own pace. I found the course material good and as such I required minimal contact from the tutors anyway. I enjoyed the course and would encourage people to give it a try

- Jonathan Dale

Review for Sage Computerised Bookkeeping Course

I mainly liked the fact that it is easy to sign up, a person will contact you and even come to your house to answer any questions you might have. You then have a week or so to make sure you want to go ahead and study at Home Learning College. The whole online learning experience was new to me and I had to get used to contacting my tutor and so on.. After a while I got to know the tutors and saw that they are really helping when you want to learn. The only thing that could be improved is the amount of information given about the exams. I believe some other students would have liked to know what to expect in the exams - it does lessen the exam stress. I also find it quite expensive for an Entry Level qualification.

- Mihai Ghertan

Review for Sage Computerised Bookkeeping Course

After starting my new job in April 2010 (which involves partly working with the Sage Instant Accounts programme), I decided that general bookkeeping/accounts is a subject that I am very interested in. I researched studying from home online, gave my details on the Home Learning College website and I was sent information by post and contacted by telephone within days. Home Learning College dealt with my enquiry very professionally and the gentleman who came to see me was very informative. I enrolled for the course and studied level 1 manual bookkeeping (ICB) and gained 92%, then I studied level 2 computerised bookkeeping and gained 98%. The tutors are very helpful and gave excellent feedback on assignments. I would definitely recommend Home Learning College to anyone who has the self-discipline to study from home!

- Catherine

Review for Sage Computeried Bookkeeping Course

I did the computerised bookkeeping, I was really happy with this course its the first time i passed something, the tutors are really helpful, and being able to pay monthly really helped me, I did the course in 4 months and now thinking about my next one.

- Zoe Leadbeatter

Review for Sage Computerised Bookkeeping Course

I enrolled with the HLC in Jun 2010 as I was nearing the end of my military career and wanted to gain the proper accreditation for some of the knowledge I had gained with the military. I took Level 1 & 2 in Bookkeeping and Level 3 in Payroll as a joint course on the advice of the consultant. The course books and website were easy to follow and I was at total ease throughout the course; at any time when I had a query it was answered within the hour when posted on the message board. The bookkeeping courses were completed within 6 months but could have been done quicker if I had the motivation; the payroll course was done in around 4 months. For bookkeeping I received a merit in level 1 and a distinction in level 2, and again in payroll I received a merit. I don't think I would have achieved these results anywhere else, through the guidance and encouragement of the many tutors I completed the courses and felt proud of the achievement.

- John Smith

Review for Sage Bookkeeping - Great course overall

I am enjoying my course with the home learning college. I have found the course literature to be well set out and easy to follow. My tutor has been helpful but as I tend to do my work on a Sunday evening there is never anyone available for immediate assistance and I have to just send a message if I have a problem and wait for a response in the next couple of days. When I was revising for my exam I found that some of the questions on the practice papers did not appear to have been covered in my course but I was able to pick up whatever else I needed from these practice papers. I would certainly recommend working through both of these before taking your exam.

- Steph

Review for Sage Courses - Fantastic Support

I was very pleased with the quality of the course material and found the tutors and online resources really helpful. I gained more practical experience when I completed the Bookkeeping and Payroll courses. I recommended my friends and family to use Home learning college as you can study whenever you want.

- Mohammed

Highly Recommend Bookkeeping with HLC-Life Changer

I was working in childcare and getting fed up so I contacted home learning college and had someone come out to discuss my options and I started a bookkeeping course. It was a 2 year course and I completed it within 11 months. I had full support form the tutor and other staff 24 7. Once I finished my course I set up my own business and it has been running for nearly 2 years and I am very busy but I work around my family so when my children go to bed I work for a few hours or when my eldest is at school. I would recommend home learning college to anyone it was the best thing I did for me and my family. I now spend time with my family instead of working 5 days a week and 9 hours a day I only do one full day a week out and the rest at home. Thank you to Home Learning College. :)

- Marie Tye Ne Hawkins

Review for Sage Payroll Management Course

I had not studied since leaving school, which was quite a few years ago being as I am now 51 years old. I was quite nervous about whether I had it in me to do the course (Sage Payroll). I found the Home Learning site very easy to use once I had good look around. The forums were very useful and helped me out many times. On one occasion I had to speak to a tutor, she was so nice and made me feel like a actually knew what I was talking about. All the literature and discs were easy to read and understand and well laid out. Uploading an assignment was straight forward, although I did have a bit of a hiccup on the first one, but soon got it sorted with the help of my tutor. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and if money was no object I would opt to do more study. I sailed through my course, it took me 5 months but I know that I could have completed it in 3 months if needed. I got 'A's for all but one of my assignments and passed the exam. I was so proud when I received my certificate from the Association of Certified Bookkeepers saying that I had got 89%, then came my certificate from The Home Learning College saying that I had got a Distinction

- Michelle Parry

Recommend to ALL - Excellent Tutors/Staff

Home learning college tutors are excellent, mark your work quickly, they also give good feedback on your work they have marked. you can contact them by e-mail as well and they answer the e-mails very quickly, the on line classroom sessions the tutors take are excellent with good lectures and you can ask questions about the lesson being given and get an answer right away, but usually these lessons are extremely clear and coincise that you do not need to ask questions but the tutors always give opportunity to do so, on the whole i found the whole staff across the board very helpful and give good advice and will not fob anyone off, if something is not understood they will go over it until you do understand it, you will not be given information from the course advisors and they will not recommend you take a course unless you really need it. They will not sell you a course for the sake of getting another student to take a course if you have a qualification above what you think you need. on the whole i found the whole lot of the staff very good at what they do, honest, helpful, etc, and i have no hestitation in recommending home learning college.

- Catherine

Review for Sage Computerised Bookkeeping Course

I completed a bookkeeping course with the home learning college and studying couldn't have been easier. I could do it all at my own pace and just upload my assignments when I was ready. The tutors would mark my paper within 36 hours and leave comments to help if I had made a mistake. The online space to chat to with fellow course students and tutors was really helpful as if you are struggling there was a chance someone else was having trouble on the same bit, the titles of the chats are book and lesson numbers so you can just search for that and get help immeadiately. The payment plan was flexible enough for me not to be out of pocket while I was studying. I am thinking about further studying and am looking at courses with hlc.

- Karen WIllsher

Review for Sage Payroll Bookkeeping Course

Home Learning is ideal for people who dont want to go into full time education or have the time, i myself work a 50hr week and this fitted in well for me. The tutors are very helpful and when feeling abit dispoondant are there to give you positive help. When you call them they are also helpful and you know thye want you to get it right and feel no question is a stupid one. My first lot of courses have finished and i have takenb another 2 up - nwo that proves afetr 2 yrs of studying if i wasnt happy then i wouldnt enrol again as there are other agency's you can get the courses through. I to beging with that the tutor i emailed wasnt always the one who answered me or when i called the number that i thought was my tutor it was another one but i have now gone to know afew of them so not too much of an issue now. The courses i did was Diploma in Sage Payroll and Level 1 Basic Bookkeping nad Level 2 in Computerized, i would have liked at the time of taking these up be told that the Level 2 Manual would have to be done seperatly and that is waht im doing now but obv at more expence to myself. As it is part of what i have done i would have thought all be together that is my only grumble.

- Melanie White

Review for Bookkeeping Course - ICB Level 2

Initially I was not sure how this course was going to work for me as I have never done a distance learning course before so had some reservations to start with. I need not have worried at all. The 3 course books arrived and from Day 1 it has been a huge confidence builder for me. I do not work in accounts so this was going to be a complete change and provide me with a qualification whereby I could work for myself from home (well, at least this is my plan). I passed my level I with a 91% pass (never would I have believed I could achieve so much, I never sat any exams at school and was resigned to being a failure.) I am now close to completing my level II for my professional qualification, (nervous and excited, and looking forward to gaining a good result). The Course Books are well written and understandable, the online Chat Sessions and recordings are without doubt invaluable and the Tutors have been helpful and always a call/email away. I found the course hard but rewarding and have enjoyed it very much, I am proud of my achievement so far and look forward to passing my level II. I am hoping to sign up for the basic Sage course after my finals.

- Christine Saunders

Review for Bookkeeping Course - Level 2

From the beginning, Home Learning College has been an enjoyable experience. It had been over eighteen years since I had last studied in an extensive way and to prepare for exams. Home Learning supported me through the whole process from getting started to finishing the course. I found tutor support to be impressive. Any questions were answered within hours and marking of assignments were just as quick. I found the teaching methods suited my learning style, which enable me to achieve throughout the course. If I was to be objective I would say that the price of each course was quite high but you do get what you pay for. Many thanks Home Learning.

- Michael Clark

Review for Bookkeeping Course - ICB Level 2 & 3

From the beginning, Home Learning College has been an enjoyable experience. It had been over eighteen years since I had last studied in an extensive way and to prepare for exams. Home Learning supported me through the whole process from getting started to finishing the course. I found tutor support to be impressive. Any questions were answered within hours and marking of assignments were just as quick. I found the teaching methods suited my learning style, which enable me to achieve throughout the course. If I was to be objective I would say that the price of each course was quite high but you do get what you pay for. Many thanks Home Learning.

- Vivan Webb

Basic Bookkeeping 1&2 - Highly Recommend HLC!

After completing two other Home Learning College courses I decided to do something more challenging and new by enrolling in the Basic Bookkeeping Level 1 and Level 2 Sage Computerised Course. Although I have found it harder than I first expected it to be, I have not regretted doing it. I can see by many of the current jobs on the market that getting one step ahead of those currently looking for work with recognised up-to-date qualifications will not only help me find suitable employment, but will also make sure that I can join a industry that support and develop my administration skills. The Home Learning College has excellent tutors who help in directing students to solve problems for themselves, so that the students’ skills and understanding of bookkeeping can be enhanced from the beginning to the end of the course. I cannot praise the Home Learning College enough. Thank you.

- Gillian Bassett

Review for Sage Payroll Course

I was made redundant in Dec 2010, travelled for 7 months, then decided to do some studying whilst trying to find a new job. I found HLC to have the courses and the home learning exactly what i wanted. I joined doing 3 courses - Diploma in Payroll Management, Manual Bookkeeping Level 1 and Computerised bookkeeping level 2. I found studying as and when i wanted to be excellent for me. I started a new job In september 2011 and started studying a couple of hours each evening. There was always help online through forums and online tutors. i was able to get help through email and telephone too. The course work was easy to follow and very thorough. I passed all three courses - Payroll 93% Merit, Level 1 Bookkeeping 97% distinction and Level 2 99% distinction which i am over the moon about. I work as a book keeper now and doing the course in my own time has been perfect for me and my job. The team at HLC are always one hand, friendly and helpful and i would totally recomment the HLC to anyone thinking of studying at home. Good luck to you all.

- Helen Talbot

Review for Bookkeeping Course - Sage Payroll Course

It is worth doing the Sage Payroll course as well as the book-keeping as it is cheaper and gives you better future prospects. The book-keeping course is very thorough and the course manuals are very useful. Manual book-keeping is covered first, which is required for understanding of the double-entry system. The speed to marking of assessments was also very good and feedback from tutors was also helpful and friendly. Practice assignments are good for testing your knowledge and the overall understanding. As a mom of a 2 year old, I found it convenient to be able to manage my time within the time period allowed to complete the course. I would definitely recommend Home Learning to anyone up for good learning.

- Ioana Licuta

Diploma in Payroll Management - Amazing Course

Since doing my course with the HLC, I have gained so much, a better understanding of home learning, more confidence and I'm on my way to gaining a diploma in payroll management! So far, ive experienced fairly good communication from the tutors, and well explained answers. Thank you to all HLC staff!

- Jade Fox Dougan

Changing Careers. Distanace Learning best way to start

When I first decided to change my Career I didn't have a clue what I was going to do, then I received an e-mail advertising Home Learning College and everything just fell into place. I took a course that taught me all about Sage Instant Accounts v16 which included Level I Manual Bookkeeping and Level II Computerised Bookkeeping. I passed Level I with 89% and I passed Level II with 97%. It was the best thing I have done. I had just come out of a job where I was bullied for several years and did not have any confidence, especially not enough to go to a college in town. This was the perfect solution. I have already recommended Home Learning College several times to people. It simply is the best way to study.

- Karen Nunn

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