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When you have completed the AAT Bookkeeping Level 2 & 3 Certificate course you will gain an incredibly valuable qualification to put on your CV and LinkedIn profile.

This qualification will make you eligible for roles such as a Purchase Ledger Clerk (£21,000)* or Bookkeeper (£29,000).*

All the vital skills and knowledge you have learnt throughout the AAT Bookkeeping Level 2 & 3 course will set you up perfectly for a role as a professional bookkeeper. You will also be eligible to apply for AAT associate bookkeeping membership and achieve professional AAT Bookkeeper status. This allows you to put the letters “AATQB” after your name, demonstrating the quality of your training and your commitment to the profession.

But your career opportunities don’t need to end here – completing this course will grant you exemptions from the bookkeeping units of the AAT Accounting courses, meaning you can choose to progress your career even further down the AAT Pathway if you choose.

*Salary Checker 2016