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At Home Learning College we have completely rebuilt our bookkeeping courses for 2014. We have trained over 50,000 bookkeepers over more than 10 years and have applied all of this experience to guide our students through their bookkeeping training. We previously partnered with ICB for accreditation, but our latest courses are certified by the International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB).

The advantage of the IAB certified route is that it follows the government's Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) which is sought after by employers. Having this qualification on your CV could help you stand out from the crowd. Jump straight to our bookkeeping course lost page for a full list of our computerised courses.

Why every organisation and business will benefit from a bookkeeper

There are over £4.9million small businesses in the UK today and each of these require a bookkeeper to monitor cash flow and the day-to-day transactions within their business.

Our IAB Levels 1 to 3 in bookkeeping takes you through basic bookkeeping principles to understand and undertake advanced processes such as the preparation of financial statements for Sole Traders, Partnerships and Not for Profit organisations, and how to prepare financial statements from incomplete records.

Once completed you will be able to work as Ledger Manager, Accounts Manager or Self-Employed Bookkeeper.

Who is it for? Adult learners and bookkeepers looking to gain proficiency in Sage Payroll
Qualification: ICB Level 3 Diploma in Payroll Management
Location: Distance Learning
Start date: Ongoing
Duration: 120 recommended study hours - one year's tutorial support

Why every organisation and business requires an ICB Sage Payroll Management Certified Personnel

Every company needs to run a payroll and understand PAYE and National Insurance. Sage Payroll is the world's most popular bookkeeping software, used by businesses across the UK for this purpose.

The Level 3 ICB Sage Payroll Management course will give you the essential tools for a career in payroll, ideal for work in a range of business sectors, from large corporations to not for profit organisations.

Our ICB Sage Level 3 Payroll Management course - accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers - will cover all aspects of sage training in computerised bookkeeping, teaching you to electronically process employees' wages and personal records, holiday pay, tax records and yearend figures.

Demonstrate your knowledge payroll process with the Level 3 Sage Bookkeeping Course

The Sage Payroll Management online course is specifically designed for those wanting to learn sage from home or study sage accounting via online training and develop their computerised bookkeeping skills quickly and conveniently.

With the Sage Payroll Management online course you can study at home to learn all the computerised procedures and processes involved in managing staff pay, and gain a solid understanding of the wider role of payroll management in business.

This will not only familiarise you with a crucial piece of payroll software but will also help you develop a full understanding of British payroll methods and intricacies.

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