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Our Students choose us as their CIPD training provider because of the complete package of support and services we offer. This starts from your very first call with us to discuss your study options. Here are the main components:

  • A dedicated tutor takes responsibility for your overall progress through the course. They have the experience and expertise to get you qualified
  • The student services team help you learn how to use our wealth of support tools and generally make things go smoothly
  • Our marking team ensure your assignments are turned around rapidly with helpful feedback
  • Interactive live online classes tailored to your groups needs, giving you support in a live virtual classroom
  • Your learning group enables you to learn alongside your peers keeping you motivated- you really never feel like you're studying alone
  • Flexible finance options to help you spread the cost (more detail below)
  • NUS card included – the definitive student discount card with a range of exclusive discounts. 
  • 24 hour access to our award winning Virtual Learning Campus with everything you need during your course in one place
  • A vibrant community of thousands of students gives you a ready-made network for support or advice
  • Practical reviews throughout the course cement your knowledge
  • Real time personal progress tracking ensures you stay on track and are fully motivated to keep going
  • A comprehensive Career Management Service includigng video career coaching, interview simulator, career assessment tools, CV guidance and job search
  • Online support from our team of Learning Community Co-ordinators

Please note that although you will be required to have CIPD membership in order to submit any assignments, membership is not included with the course. When your tuition period is about to begin, you will be provided with a registration key. Once you have your registration key you can complete the online membership form, choose your preferred payment method, insert the registration key where needed and submit the form online, this will give you immediate access to all the benefits of CIPD membership.