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When planning your professional future, it can be useful to write down all the things you want from a job and those you definitely wish to avoid. Be really honest with yourself. There’s nothing to be gained from trying to pursue a career path that doesn’t reflect your personal aspirations.

The kinds of things you may wish to consider are whether you prefer to work individually or as part of a team; if you would like to be office-based or work remotely; what kind of working hours would best suit your lifestyle and whether you have a natural flair in certain areas such as a head for numbers or a love of writing.

This kind of self-analysis will help you to define what the right career will look like, so when opportunities come along you will be able to make appropriate decisions. It will also influence the course you choose which, in turn, will boost your CV and help you achieve your goals.

Gaining your professional qualification is the first step

Your study credentials are just one element to consider when planning your future career - numerous other factors will affect your ability to impress employers and convince them you’re the right candidate for the job.

These include:

  • Your literacy and numeracy skills
  • The quality of your CV
  • Your ability to write engaging covering letters
  • The tools available to you for researching potential employers
  • How well you present yourself in interviews
  • Your ability to handle tricky questions and deliver the right information.

We understand the importance of all these elements, which is why all Home Learning College students have the opportunity to sign up for our exclusive Career Management Service, helping you to maximise the value of your new professional qualification.

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